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Tramway avec fontaine
Entretien des systèmes de climatisation
Notre métier depuis 1982.
Confiez l'entretien de vos appareils de climatisation à des professionnels 

Sedirep est spécialisé dans le nettoyage et la désinfection des installations de climatisations (centralisées ou individuelles), des échangeurs, condenseurs, évaporateurs.

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L'encrassement des ailettes, des filtres et des échangeurs finit par obstruer totalement le passage d'air provoquant une baisse des performances et une surconsommation énergétique.
L'air exterieur qui pulsé dans votre local se charge en particules fines et autres micro-organismes nocifs pour la santé.
  • How often should I maintain my installation?
    The frequency with which you will have to maintain your installation will depend on several factors, in particular: the type of ventilation, the allocation of the ventilated area and the type of pollution to be evacuated.For example, the sanitation of the ventilation of a restaurant is carried out once a year. Establishments that produce a lot of frying require 2 to 3 operations per year. Restaurants specializing in grills must clean up their ventilation systems every 3 months.On the other hand, medical-social establishments, hospitals and small reception structures require an intervention every 2 to 3 years. Our teams travel to establish a diagnosis of the state of fouling in order to help you determine the best frequency of cleaning. These checks, which are free, can be done at regular intervals, every 6 months. We only work on installations that really require professional cleaning.
  • How long will it take to degrease my installation?
    Typically, it takes one night's work for a medium-sized restaurant kitchen. This duration depends on the state of fouling of the installations. Regular maintenance reduces the working time required for each intervention. We adapt to each type of installation, regardless of its size and complexity.
  • How much does it cost to clean a kitchen extraction?
    A prior visit is necessary to establish the price of an intervention. The size of the hood, the number of filters, the duct network, the type of fan, the level of fouling are all parameters that will determine the final cost of an intervention. For example, it takes about CHF 2,000 for a one-time intervention in a medium-sized restaurant. Our subscription formulas are adaptable for installations of all sizes and allow us to offer very attractive rates.
  • Is my kitchen operational at the end of the intervention?
    We take all the necessary precautions when putting in place the protections before the cleaning operation. Once the cleaning work is finished, we proceed to the cleaning of the finishes (floors, exterior of the hood, etc.).We then check the proper functioning of the installation and all its components. Following the departure of our teams, your kitchen is operational and ready to function.
  • Do I need to take action before the cleaning crew arrives?
    It is important that our teams have easy access to the facilities.We recommend that you move mobile furniture, food products, kitchen utensils, in order to facilitate the installation of protections. If you have a “fire” detection system, it will also be necessary to plan for the neutralization of this system.All this information will be communicated to you when our intervention confirmation is sent.
  • My establishment is open to the public every day. When should you schedule a cleaning?
    We are committed to keeping disruption to a minimum.We intervene outside of operating hours, day and night. If you do not have weekly closing days or holiday periods, we plan our intervention at night, ensuring beforehand that no nuisance will disturb the neighborhood.
Nous intervenons sur tous les types de climatiseurs :
  • monoblocs

  • cassettes plafonnières

  • splits (monosplit et multisplit)

  • réversibles

  • mobiles

  • muraux

  • gainables

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